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1. : Selective Fluorescence and Fluorescence-free Single-Molecule

Detection Techniques & Applications

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A novel multi-functional optical single-molecule imaging system was developed based on four dimensional (4D) real-time confocal microscopy, multi-color total internal reflection microscopy (TIRFM), dark filed microscopy, and Nomarski differential interference contrast (DIC) microscopy on an epifluorescence microscope platform. The micro-cell incubator was also combined with the imaging system for long time monitoring in live single cell. The 4D images indicated a combination of 3D image and multiple spatial or time images of specimen obtained with 10-nm spatial interval. Optical sectioning was accomplished with a z-motor, which made the sequential layered sections to obtain 4D information. The integrated optical molecular imaging system showed excellent detection sensitivity and 3D spatial resolutions (i.e., x-y, z-axis = 20, 30 nm) without moving the single cell sample at the single-molecule level. It is expected a tool to provide crucial information and essential approaches for understanding various characterizations, dynamics of single-biomolecules and nanoparticles in live single cell as well as the molecular interactions at the single-molecule level.

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