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| 특별세미나_20151006
작성일 | 2015/09/30
| 703 글쓴이 | 관리자
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특별 세미나


1. 제 목 : Unveiling Brain Circuits of Psychiatric Symptoms

2. 연 자 : IL HWAN KIM, Ph.D.

3. 직 책 : Senior Postdoctoral Fellow

4. 소 속 : Duke University Medical Center, Department of Cell Biology

5. 일 시 : 2015. 10. 6. () 오후 4 30

6. 장 소 : 고려대 의과대학 제1의학관 3강의실 (4 4604)

7. 내 용 :

Major psychiatric disorders have long been considered to be diseases of neuronal dysconnectivity. Furthermore, there is extensive co-morbidity among different psychiatric disorders, which is likely to be a consequence of overlapping disruptions in common neural circuits. Thus, the careful analysis of brain circuits that mediate abnormal behaviors in well-defined preclinical animal models has the potential to be paradigm-shifting with respect to our understanding of the etiology of psychiatric disorders. In my presentation, I will talk about a pathogenic mechanism of a neural circuit which reconciles three major theories of schizophrenia: the spine pruning theory (progressive loss of spines in frontal cortex), the glutamate theory (elevated frontal cortical excitation of pyramidal neurons), and the dopamine theory (striatal hyperdopaminergia). My study reveals molecular and neural-circuit mechanisms, illustrating how diverse pathologies may converge to drive behaviors relevant to psychiatric disorders.

8. 문 의 : 02-2286-1153