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- Thank you for your interest in BK21 Plus KUMS (Korea UniversityMedicalSciencecenterforconvergenttranslationalresearch) graduate program of Korea University Medical Institute. BK21 Plus KUMS program stems from BK21 PLUS (Brain Korea 21 Program for Leading Universities & Students), a human resource development program initiated by the Korean government. The objective of BK21 PLUS is to produce the next generation of world class leaders by significantly improving research infrastructure.

The ultimate purpose of biological research is the prevention and treatment of human diseases for a healthier life for mankind. Efforts are being made globally towards this goal with biomedical sciences at the center. Korea University, college of medicine is also focusing efforts on biomedical research and is moving closer to becoming a global university through the success of BK21's phase 1 and 2.

In phase 1, 150 participating professors published about 2500 research papers and in phase 2, 66 participating professors published about 2000 research papers. Both efforts have contributed to Korea's biomedical research. In addition, Korea university medical college has become acknowledged as a research and teaching institution that boasts competitive biomedical researchers through radical improvements in research environment and specialized graduate training

In phase 3 of BK21, we aim to become a leader in Korea's biomedical research In order to reach this goal, we have selected 50 competent basic research and clinical medicine professors and are striving to cultivate talent and to improve research capabilities.

In agreement with BK21's objective, our prestigious program provides state-of-the-art knowledge and skills in biomedical science fields, and we aim to educate globally-reputable leaders and scholars in variety of medical science fields.

We welcome highly-motivated students from diverse national and cultural backgrounds. In addition, we hope that international students enjoy the dynamic learning atmosphere of our BK21 Plus KUMS graduate program. With their support, we will strive to contribute to the biomedical field in the 21st century.