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Kyung-Mi Lee, Ph.D
Associate Professor
Department of Biochemistry
Korea University College of Medicine
Tel : 920-6271
FAX : 923-0480
e-mail : kyunglee@korea.ac.kr
1. (2010) Novel streptavidin-functionalized silicon nanowire arrays for CD4+ T lymphocyte separation Nano Letters 10(8):2877-83. (2010)
2. FK506 causes cellular and functional defects of human natural killer cells J. Leukocyte Biology 2010 Dec;88(6):1089-97. (2010) *(Highlight article)
3. Unidirectional signaling triggered through 2B4 (CD244), not CD48, in murine NK cells. J. Leukocyte Biology 2010 Oct;88(4):707-14. (2010)
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5. Homotypic cell-to-cell crosstalk among human natural killer cells reveals differential and overlapping roles of 2B4 and CD2 J. Biol. Chemistry [Epub of ahead print] (2010)
6. Upregulation of Fas and downregulation of CD94/NKG2A inhibitory recepots on circulating NK cells in patients with new-onset psoriasis. British J. Dermatology 161(2) 281-288 (2009)